Friday, February 1, 2013

Kristin Chenoweth -- American Airlines Treated Me Like a Dog

Kristin Chenoweth says she was the victim of a screaming, angry flight attendant who bullied her and embarrassed her when she tried to board an American Airlines flight with her service dog ... and now the airline is begging for her forgiveness.TMZ…

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

etnies Under Our Feet: Willow

This weeks installment features Willow, If viewers can name every trick in the line, they get a chance to win a prize pack from etnies and GoPro.

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Google Silent About Wireless Experiment

Google has applied to the FCC for permission to test an experimental wireless system. Is Google about to offer mobile broadband?

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Skateistan charity brings joy to Afghan youth

Skateboarders may not have a reputation as philanthropists, but Oliver Percovich is looking to change that. His charity organization, Skateistan, aims to bring education, camaraderie, and fun to the youth of Kabul in Afghanistan.

After moving to the war-torn city in 2007, Percovich's skate habits in the street began to draw the attention of the local children, who were mesmerized by what he could do on his board. Now, five years later, he operates a skate park that has become a..

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The Truth About Confidence With Women

Learn how you can achieve confidence with women. Start by building your confidence to achieve success with the ladies.

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Finding the Best Cheap Web Hosting for Your Business

Many online companies and businesses turn to web hosting to help their websites achieve major visibility on the World Wide Web. However, due to budget constraints, some companies web hosting searches end up disastrously when they sign up for cheap plans that are really just that - cheap. Read on to learn how you can find affordable web hosting online, without compromising your standards on quality.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Motorcycle Accident Attorney - The Way You Should Discuss Your Legal Case

If you are facing a motorcycle accident trial, you should hire a firm to deal with the legal matters. Most probably you will be charged with multiple liabilities as well as charges. But if you happen to be the rider, it is fitting to hire an attorney to discuss the course of action that you should be taking. Having a plan and knowing where you stand is essential. You should be able to clear this out with your insurance company before the trial takes place. It should be a fair advice to consult an expert before you move a step closer into your plans.

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